My Autobiography by Michael Normandy, Sr.

In the apartment on the first floor next to Grandpa and Grandma, lived a couple who were not related, but were very close friends of the family. His name was Louis, but I canít remember his wifeís name. They were very nice neighbors. They had no children but treated all of the cousins as if they were family.

Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe Gallo lived in an apartment on the second floor. Aunt Sue was tall. Well, taller than all the other sisters, and very attractive. Her daughters certainly received their good looks from her. Uncle Joe was, as the expression goes, "something else." What a guy. He could make a stone laugh. He was always singing, laughing, teasing, joking. The sun was always shining when Uncle Joe was around. And did I mention dancing? Uncle Joe was an excellent dancer. He taught his daughters to dance whether they wanted to or not.

Uncle Joe Gallo, daughter Priscilla, and Aunt Sue

Uncle Joe was a barber for of all the years that I knew him. Barber shops were the meeting place for friends and neighbors. The barber shop was also the original HBOs. If you wanted betting action on any sport, there was always someone who could cover a bet or direct you to someone who could handle all the action you wanted. Occasionally, we still see the "Gallo Girls." Iíll get to them sometime in the future, like fifty years from now - or sixty!

Next door to Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe, lived Aunt Josie and Uncle Joe Giafone, not really our aunt and uncle, but cousins or "gombada" and "gomada." Somehow every Italian acquaintance was related literally or respectfully. Aunt Josie and Uncle Joe did not have children, but the Gallo girls were their adopted children. And the girls treated them as real "aunt" and "uncle."

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