Priscilla Normandy Greenwood
Page 1
The present is the point of power
Welcome to my World~ Dean Martin
Page 2
Gypsy, Hippie, Fairy - Who will write this page?
Permanent Change ~ Johnny Rivers
Page 3
Hello, Muse, where'd you go?
This Light Becomes You~dancing light
Page 4
The True Purpose of Autobiography
O Mein Papa~Connie Francis
Page 5
Goodbye, New York ~ Hello, Florida
The Florida Song ~ The Tropicatz Orlando Tropical Band
Page 6
Normandy or Normandia?
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor ~ West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Page 7
The Pharaoh in the Living Room
New York, New York ~ Frank Sinatra
Page 8
Culture Shock!  What, No Museum?
In My Life (I Love You More) ~ The Glee Cast
Page 9
Where are all the children now?
Yesterday Once More ~ The Carpenters
Page 10
Childhood Friends and the Games We Played
That Old Gang of Mine ~ The Crew-Cuts
Page 11
1939 New York World's Fair & Remembering Loved Ones Long Gone
Remember ~ Harry Nilsson
Page 12
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
Teach the Children Well ~ Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Page 13
Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?
Take Me Out to the Ball Game ~ Lyrics for Octane Illustrated
Page 14
Our Competitive Racquetball Years
Where Have All the Flowers Gone ~ Peter, Paul, & Mary
Page 15
Coney Island Memories
Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster ~ Theme Park Review
Coney Island Waltz from Love Never Dies ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber

Page 16
More Coney Island Memories
Manhattan Beach March ~ John Philip Sousa
Page 17
Grandma's Love ~ Julie "Allee" Trombley
Page 18
Here Comes the Bride
Sh-Boom ~ The Crewcuts
Page 19
Introvert vs. Extravert
I'm Willing To Open My Eyes ~ Donna Marie Cary

Page 20
I love my cluttered desk!
I've Gotta Be Me ~ Sammy Davis, Jr.​
Page 21
Little Girl Lost
Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time. Saria's Song/Lost Woods ~ Lyrics by Game Force, Music by ZREO, Picture by Chiri-Chan
Page 22
Let Me Tell You About My Children!
You are my Special Angel ~ Bobby Helms
Page 23
The Art of Being Single
I Have a Dream ~ Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia !
Page 24
Gordon & A Cat Named Krishna
Are You the One? ~ Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) and Timo Tolkki
Page 25
Getting To Know You
Love Walked In ~ Joni Janes
Page 26
New Orleans,  Here We Come
Two Hours of Mardi Gras Music With Classic Dixieland Jazz

Page 27
Halloween Memories
If You Want To Sing Out ~ Yusuf Islam,Cat Stevens
Page 28
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Nov. 21, 1940.
Posted on youtube by ReelNostalgia

Page 29
Happy Holidays 2016
USA for Africa - We Are the World
Page 30
​Segue to Motherhood
My Special Angel ~ Malcolm Vaughan

Page 31
My Nature Boy
Nature Boy ~ Nat King Cole
Page 32
And then there were three
Stairway to Heaven ~ Led Zeppelin
Page 33
Fathers and daughters
Page 34
Susan Marie
Daughter of my Spirit