My Autobiography by Michael Normandy, Sr.

I mentioned earlier that no matter where we lived, and we lived in many different houses, Mom would go to see her mother at 181 Maujer Street many times each week.

That got me to thinking maybe while I think of it I should make a list of all the houses I lived in when I was growing up .  I'll go as far as when I got married to my wonderful wife, Nancy Carovinci, in October of 1950. What a beautiful bride she was!

Left to right: Pete Lomuto Sr. (my brother-in-law), and his wife Jean Normandy Lomuto (my older sister),

Olympia (Ida) Simonetti Normandy (my mother), Nancy Carovinci (my bride) and me (the groom!),

Jennie Tuorto Normandia (my paternal grandmother), 

Sebastian Sylvester (Jack) Normandy (my father), Priscilla Ann Normandy (my younger sister), and

Peter Anthony Lomuto, Jr., the first grandson in the family who was almost two years old then.

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