Endings and New Beginnings

The last edition of the New Age gainesville publication was dated May 1984. Another project was stirring inside of me and whispering clues now and then, but I didn’t have a clue about what it was going to be. I had read about reality creation in what turned out to be my all-time favorite book. It still is as I write this over thirty years later.

The first Christmas after my beloved Gordon and I got married, he gave me a channeled book called The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth book by Jane Roberts, with notes by her husband, Robert F. Butts. Gordon had read it right after his first marriage came to a close. He said the book had changed his life by changing his way of thinking about life. That was high praise coming from him. He wanted me to read it and was looking forward to discussing it together. Well, it changed my life, too. The idea was new to me that I create my own reality with my desires, thoughts, and expectations. It was the first teaching of a metaphysical nature that completely resonated as truth for me on a very deep personal level.

Seth is a non-physical entity who dictated books through the channel, Jane Roberts. He repeated many teachings that appeared in all the books that followed. Some concepts ended up as my favorite quotes that I want to share with you here. They are never very far from the surface of my mind, like old friends who have moved far away. Although we don’t see each other often, when we talk to each other, it’s as if no time has passed.

“You create your reality according to your beliefs and expectations.”

“You get what you concentrate on. There is no other main rule.”

“The present is the point of power.”

I believe and expect that this chapter will sooner or later appear in my book of memories. Perhaps it already has since time and space, as most of us humans experience it, are actually part of a three-dimensional illusion. In his later years, Einstein concluded that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously in a four dimensional structure (space-time) instead of the evolution of a three dimensional existence. That sure makes a difference to me in how I interpret the memories of my past-lives. Fortunately, Gordon had examples he used when he did workshops on past-life regression and future-life progression. He explained it to me in a way I could understand, but barely. I’ve gotten way out on a tangent and want to finish the conclusion of this part of the book.
Back in the day before anyone said back in the day, in the newest heydays of the so-called New Age, I had a revelation. I came to believe that whatever my next creative writing project turned out to be, I would have to admit to myself that I was creating it on some level by my thoughts, beliefs, desires and expectations. Each moment of my next project would be born in the Eternal Now. I believed the next step would not manifest until I let go of my first attempt at publishing, New Age gainesville. So I let go of my attachment to it after I published four quarterly issues.
As expected, my next project emerged soon after I prepared a space for it. So did the next and the next, and everything since. Eventually I learned to trust my expanding awareness. My intuition often came in the guise of an internal male voice that would suddenly reveal what I would be writing next. I’m still not sure if it is an aspect of myself or my Oversoul/Guide. I’m always amazed at how well it works for me, though I did question the voice once and said, “You want me to write WHAT?”
 I could not have published without the help of all the talented and caring people who stayed with me until I was ready to let go of New Age gainesville and The History of New Age Gainesville. I send all of you my love and appreciation. I also send my eternal gratitude to my Gordon who made his transition in 2013. And as always, I thank All-That-Is for all that is.

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