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I was having a mild reaction to a drug prescribed to me for pain. I seemed to keep floating back and forth from semi-consciousness into a black void. When I left the void for the last time, I found myself in a boat on a large, clear blue lake, and I was heading toward an archway in the lavender rock which surrounded the lake. Through the arch I could see a small part of what appeared to be an incredible light which was flooding the entire area, and I can remember making a conscious decision to leave the boat and investigate the light.
 As I passed through the archway, I saw the light form in its entirety. It was an oval three-dimensional body of brilliant, crystal clear white light - not unlike the kind that shoots out from a child's sparkler. The light was alive: it was a living being of light, and existing within it was the most beautiful celestial music I have ever heard. Come to think of it, it was the only celestial music I have ever heard. Emanating from the light-being were feelings of total acceptance, unconditional love, and quiet tranquility. It was also a cleansing light, and it felt as though it could pass through my body and wash away any impurities that were present. The light-being was without a center - it was its own source, and I sensed that it contained total knowledge of the universe and the creation of life. The light was perfection, and I remember thinking, "This is God."
 I was only in the presence of the light for a brief moment, and I somehow knew that I was not allowed to stay - though if it had been my choice, I would have remained there forever. There were no words (as we know them) exchanged. All communication was through an intuitive understanding of one another. After leaving I had an overwhelming desire to return to the light, knowing that nothing on earth could begin to match its beauty. Although I searched for quite some time, I was never able to find the light again, and I returned to this plane.
 Today, the morning after this unusual encounter, I am realizing that this light is here, all around me. I can see and feel its presence in trees, people, animals, plants - everywhere. The ethereal music, which I thought I would not hear again for a long time, fills the air, and now I truly see that our earth is perfect in its imperfections, and our life here is a reflection of that resplendent light

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<big>HTML clipboard</big> Originally published in September 1983 NEW AGE gainesville. Kimberli Wilson is now Kiki Carter Webb. She and her husband, Greg Webb, are singers/songwriters who perform under the name dancing Light.

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