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Just BE - enjoy your BE-ing. Focus on that instead of DO-ing. You don't have to DO anything in this life - your only mission is to simply BE.

Immerse yourselves in your BE-ing. Then - and only then - can you effectively DO anything. Then - and only then - will you find yourselves empowered to do EVERY-thing.

Your actions, my dear ones, flow from who you are. It's a matter of putting the horse before the cart, if you will. Once you have fully remembered the Goddesses and Gods you are, you WILL know what to do - you WILL know your life's work - you WILL know your life's partner. And it will all flow easily and effortlessly.

The key is simple - just BE. And, just as important as that is for you to totally immerse yourselves in the joy of BE-ing God - BE-ing Goddess. Spirit speaks to you of this often. Yet you do not hear because you're not listening - you're not watching. The signs are all around you. They come to you in ways expected and unexpected. But you'll never hear or see them unless you remain constantly watchful. This is the SINGLE most important task you can do in this incarnation - be constantly watchful for the signs of Spirit speaking to you. As you persist in your watchfulness, you will find Spirit speaks to you as easily and clearly as your friends and family on the earth plane.

And what is Spirit saying when It speaks to you?

It is saying many things. But the "common thread," if you will, running through the fabric of Spiritspeak is this: remember - remember - REMEMBER!

Spirit has many messages for you. And It speaks to you in ways specifically "tailored," if you will, to the specific being - the HUMAN being, that is - you have chosen to become for a while.

Think of your humanness as a costume you have donned for a bit. This thing you call life is really nothing more than a costume party! A party you, as your Higher Self, chose to attend. And just what are parties? Why, they're FUN! Or, at least, they're supposed to be. And so too is your life on Planet Earth, in your exquisitely designed human costume, supposed to be fun.

You, as human beings, take yourselves entirely too seriously. You have been so successful at immersing yourselves in the illusion of the Planet Earth party, you have forgotten you didn't come here to stay. And you didn't come here to be miserable and joyless - that's not what parties are all about.

You came here because your nature, as Goddesses and Gods, is playful and creative and joyful. As you left Home the last time before incarnating in your current life, you asked your loved ones in spirit - your angels, teachers and guides - to be ever watchful over you as you bravely ventured down the trail of tears. You, as your Higher Selves, knew this life could indeed be a trail of tears - or it could be a joyful path, a time of happy reunion with those of your loved ones who also chose to be pioneers on the wild frontier of Planet Earth.

And so, as you left Home with this great spirit of adventure burning in your heart, you asked those who remained "behind" at Home to guide you if you should ever become too deeply immersed in the illusion.

And most of you have become so deeply immersed, you have forgotten much of what you knew - including the fact life is just one big party. You have also forgotten the love, the wisdom, the power you once knew - the love, the wisdom, the power you ARE.

You are Love incarnate, nothing more - nothing less. You are Gods and Goddesses. You are All That Is.

And so, as you've become "fully engaged," shall we say, in the business and busy-ness of human life, you've allowed fear to have its way with you. Fear tells you "Do this - do that - and you will be safe. Think this - think that. Conform to your culture. Honor thy father and mother - and any other
authorities who happen to be in your life. Honor them. Please them. Do what they say - for, after all, they know what's best for you."

Fear's voice is most insistent - and your mind loves the sound of fear's voice.

This fear-filled environment is the one many of you, as humans, grew to adulthood in. And, of course, this is a most stressful environment. You can see that stress manifested all around, and perhaps within  yourselves. Every day, your newspapers and television screens are filled with these manifestations of fear. And so the stress - and the fear - continue in a seemingly self-perpetuating process - one that can feel almost impossible to break free from.

And yet it is critical, at this point in your personal evolution and in your planet's evolution, for you to break free from the self-imposed bonds of fear. When you begin to break free - and when you finally gain full freedom - you will marvel at the way you found so much false comfort and security in the misery of your jail cell. And all the time you were imprisoned, you had the key to your cell door in your hand. You had just forgotten you were given the key before you left Home.

So how do you break free of your culture, your authorities, your jail cells? Well, you begin by listening to Spirit speaking to you. And how does Spirit speak to you? In myriad ways, my dear ones.

You are awake and aware - or you would not be reading these words of mine. And yet, though you are awake and aware, you sometimes seem to struggle to simply get through just one 24-hour day. It does not have to be so. Spirit is speaking to you constantly. And I mean that literally - CONSTANTLY.

It is critical for you to fully remember who you are - to remember your divine heritage - as you move into the new millennium. And it is critical for you to move forward with joy and peace and love. Sure, you can also move forward through struggle and pain. But you don't have to do it that way. It's your choice.

And so, we come back to the ways in which Spirit speaks to you. It speaks to you in many ways, as we said a few moments ago. But It speaks to you most clearly through your feelings, through your heart. Whenever you are feeling joyful and positive and powerful and loving - it is those times Spirit is speaking to you most clearly. Whatever FEELS joyful, positive,  powerful, loving is Spirit simply reminding you of who you are.

Your Soul - your Higher Self, is always in a state of perfect bliss - perfect joy - perfect peace. It is a state somewhat like a deep meditative state, but with total awareness of your total reality and existence IN THE MOMENT.

If you are fully present in the moment with Love, there can be no pain, no sorrow - there can be nothing but total peace - the peace, as your Bible says, that surpasses all understanding (HUMAN understanding, that is).

When you achieve that state of bliss and ecstasy - and you can fully achieve it while still incarnated - you will have once again become ONE with Spirit.

And when Spirit speaks to you again, you will hear only the sound of your own voice.

The great Nez Perce chief, Hin Mah Too Yah Lat Kekt, (Thunder Rolling in the Mountains), is known historically as Chief Joseph. He lived from about 1840 to September 21, 1904. During the 1877 Nez Perce War and until his death, Joseph was one of the tribe's most prominent leaders. As an eloquent speaker and statesman, he was a strong advocate of Native American rights and the Brotherhood/sisterhood of all people.

John Cali is an author and publisher. He's been channeling Chief Joseph since 1992. Joseph has asked John to join him in working with people who are drawn to his energy. Joseph said his purpose in doing this is to remind us of three things we already know, but may have forgotten:
1) we are all one,
2) we are all part of the Great Spirit - we ARE the Great Spirit and
3) we all have divine potential - we all have unique talents to be used in the service of humanity and the planet. Our true life's purpose, in using these unique talents, is to reconnect with the God/Goddess within and then help our sisters and brothers do the same.

Joseph and John share a common mission: to simply remind you of who you are. When you are so filled with the glory and divinity of who you are, when you quite literally fall "head-over-heels" in love with yourself, you will easily handle all your life's issues and challenges. For all you are is God, the Goddess,  the Great Spirit. And God is Love, Wisdom and Power. Nothing more, nothing less. THAT is the totality of you.

Nothing else matters. So Joseph's and John's mission is to simply remind you of the Love, the Wisdom and the Power that you are, you who are God.

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