How to live fully in the present moment


Be-ing in the Present,
Moment to Moment to Moment...

Susan Kramer
 A commentary…

One night as I was standing on the lawn and looking toward the stars--my vision became so fixed and concentrated for a moment, that I felt a direct opening to infinity in my outer and inner sight. It was as if I were at the center of the universe and at the same time as big as the universe. This was my first experience in feeling completely present in the here and now, and because I was neither thinking of the past or the future, I felt the infinite full-feelingness of a single moment in time.

Usually my life is as when I am on a speeding train, and when looking straight out the window see nothing but a blur of images. But if I stay in the single moment experience in each ever-new moment, I instead see life as if the train were stopped, revealing the whole panorama of images around me.

I find in daily living that I enjoy every moment more fully by staying relaxed in my body and feeling relaxed internally in my attitudes and thoughts. Yes, life does speed along as the train running down the track but within my own being I remain relaxed. This is a relaxation that is not from being lazy, rather, I feel even more fully energized and concentrated on what I want to do in the moment.

I would like to share an essay I wrote some time ago on the concept of living more fully in each moment:

Time as Liquid Silver

Given quality
Brightened capacity
Flows through our lives
as liquid silver
Liquid silver--
valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable



Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable--liquid silver--by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade--viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade--viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Journeying in Time…

Taking a leisurely drive, we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination.

During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds--without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future. We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present by thinking the future will be better.

Life's a string of connected events
giving shape to our time
Integral links
in the whole experience
of living



We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

Living each moment
from our highest consciousness
insures a continuously more fulfilling
experience of life
Self-knowledge Improves the Quality of our Time…
Knowing and being able to draw from our inner Source



Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy, fulfilling life. When our actions are inline with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being--just as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible outer coverings.

By our actions we are known
With the insight of self-knowledge
we can create beautifully



Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace comes to mind. It is an open telephone line--directly from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind. The more we converse on this open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably. After awhile, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense--the ultimate application of self-knowledge.

Some techniques to develop the connection with our Source are: ethical living, caring actions, meditation, and self-analysis.

brought out from within
imbues our daily actions
with truth and harmony
And personal integrity
increases the quality of our time



Personal Integrity…

We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment--creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

Personal integrity
takes courage



We are being courageous in living according to our conscience, when it would be easy to hide from others the fact that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious self-effulgent nature.

Through living with personal integrity, others notice that we can be trusted--we become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our world family.

By integrating our highest consciousness
we enjoy the most happiness in living

Plotting a Course Unlimited…

What dimension is unlimited by time, place, space? Lovingness.

Caring beyond ourselves brings warm-feeling energy into our body, into our waking consciousness--to be used in our interactions. Lovingness propels us to break free from the idea that we have a limited supply of mental, emotional, and physical energy.

The unlimited energy
brought on by our lovingness
catapults us beyond
the concept of limitation



Our inner guide--our conscience-- is awakened and developed by our being unconditionally loving in our daily living. As we incorporate lovingness into every circumstance in living, we preserve our awareness of harmony and connectedness as interwoven threads in the cloth of creation.

Plotting a course unlimited
unbounded by time, place, space
when using the energy brought on by lovingness

In conclusion some thoughts…
Science has shown
that physical form is compressed energy
To our eye, matter appears solid
unmoving, unchanging
In reality, everything is changing its form
at varying rates in time
Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime
From a speck at conception
to billions of cells at maturity
In a state of flux, renewal, continually
All the while our body is changing
it is occupied
by the same consciousness
Our Self
In whatever form our body appears
at whatever age
We are always able to say
It is me
During all the changes
of our body and surroundings
we preserve our happiness
by adapting to
and accepting the format of the moment
Gracefully flowing from this moment's form
into the next
Within the changing format
of energy and matter
a consciousness exists, persists
untouched by change
that is not bounded by limitations of time
Our connection
within the unchanging consciousness
is our feeling of lovingness
manifested in caring actions
Lovingness stands on its own
The transient forms of time and energy
used in expressions of love
is how we make our time
as liquid silver
© 1998 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
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