Gordon Edward Greenwood's

Family Album 
Dr. Gordon Edward Greenwood, beloved husband, father, brother, and friend,
passed away on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, at York Hospice Center
in Gainesville, Florida.
This link goes to his obituary

A special welcome to all my relatives and friends and everyone
who has found my nostalgic family album which was lovingly created by my wife, Patti.
You are also invited to visit her family album:
Priscilla (Patti) Normandy Greenwood's Album

My parents, Arthur and Annette Rose Goodman GREENWOOD
Annette Rose (Goodman) GREENWOOD, dancer
My sister and brother-in-law
Melody Greenwood COFFEY and Larry COFFEY
Greenwood-Fiscus Line
Including McCoy, Wright - Dyar, Bowen, Arney, Schmidt, Schwind

Joseph Newton and Martha Ellen (Fiscus) Mahorney GREENWOOD

1st Great-Grandparents: Simon Peter and Elizabeth Ann (McCoy) GREENWOOD
2nd Great-Grandparents: Joseph Philip and Mary E. "Polly" (Wright) GREENWOOD
3rd Great-Grandparents: Philip GREENWOOD and (1) Mary; and (2) Sarah
4th Great-Grandparents: Philip and Catharine GREENWOOD
Philip Greenwood's gravestone ( 1719-1780) New Windsor, MD
Greenwood Cemetery, New Windsor, Carroll County, MD 
Poplar Spring, New Windsor, Carroll County, MD

Joseph Newton and Martha Ellen (Fiscus) Mahorney GREENWOOD

1st Great-Grandparents: FISCUS-DYAR
Aaron and Mary (Dyar) FISCUS
Grandaunts and Granduncles: FISCUS-DYAR-MERRITT
The Dyar Family
Fiscus-Dyar Family Reunion, 1923
Jonas Merritt & Family
Dyar Family Group
King Solomon Dyar in Civil War Uniform
King Solomon Dyar and his wife, Elizabeth's, gravestone
2nd Great-Grandparents: Jacob and Jane (Bowen) FISCUS
3rd Great-Grandparents: John "Adam" and Anna Catharina (Arney) FISCUS
4th Great-Grandparents: Jacob Frederick and Maria Magdalena (Schmidt) FISCUS
5th Great-Grandparents: Johann Frederick and Anna Elisabetha (Schwind) FISCUS, his first wife
 Barton and Dixie (Greenwood) Richardson
Photo Gallery
Freedom, Owen County, Indiana, page 1
Freedom Main Street long ago
Freedom Public School, home of the Freedom Aces 
White River Covered Bridge

Freedom, Owen County, Indiana, page 2
First Grade Class at Freedom Elementary School 1924-1925.

Goodman-Armstrong Line
Including Newmann - Armstrong, Hikes, Kellar, Jones, Hitt, Oleweiler, Oldham

Sam Goodman and Maude Edna (Armstrong) Goodman
Photo: Gold watch that belonged to Maude Armstrong
UNIDENTIFIED PHOTO from Maude Armstrong's Bible

Uncle Gordon Goodman
Grandaunts and Granduncles
Anna Rose Armstrong
1st Great-Grandparents - 
John Andrew  ARMSTRONG  and Nancy J. "Nannie" HIKES
1st Great-Grandparents - Looking for photos of :
Abraham GOODMAN and Rosa NEWMANN
2nd Great-Grandparents ARMSTRONG-HIKES
 John ARMSTRONG I and Nancy Ann HIKES, parents of John Andrew Armstrong
    Nancy Ann (Hikes) ARMSTRONG's 2nd husband William Levi OLDHAM
         Bible pages from Bible originally owned by Conway OLDHAM
    Nancy Ann (Hikes) (Armstrong) Oldham's 3rd husband B. W. THOMAS
2nd Great-Grandparents HIKES-KELLAR
 Edward Jones HIKES and Paulina KELLAR
     Great-grandaunts and great-granduncles
          Children of Edward Jones Hikes and Paulina (Kellar) HIKES: 
          Barbara Ann, Lena Crawford, Mary Emma, and William Crawford
     Mary Emma HIKES and her husband, Andrews HIKES II
     2nd Great-Granduncles KELLAR
     E. Y. Kellar and Dr. Abraham L. R. Kellar
3rd Great-Grandparents HIKES-JONES
George HIKES II and Elizabeth Ann JONES 
3rd Great-Grandparents KELLAR-HITT
Home of Rev. Abraham H. and Nancy (Hitt) Kellar
4th Great-Grandparents HIKES-OLEWEILER
George Hikes and Barbara Oleweiler Hikes
Photo of Dower Chest
Gravestone photos
4th Great-Grandparents JONES-KELLAR
Edward Jones and Elizabeth Kellar 
4th Great-Grandparents HITT-YOUNG
Joel HITT and Elizabeth YOUNG
4th Great-Grandparents KELLAR-NETHERTON
Rev. William KELLAR and Rebecca NETHERTON
5th Great-Grandparents 
School Days - Jasonville High
Wedding 1957 to  Linda Jane Williams
Gainesville, Florida
My three sons: Joseph, Richard, and Donald Greenwood
Meeting Patti (Priscilla) Normandy - 1979
Patti and Gordon GreenwoodWedding 1982 to Priscilla
Our Seven Children
Indiana with Gordon's parents
Indiana University
Our trip to Italy and Switzerland
Assisi: Basilica of St. Francis
Rome: Trevi Fountain
Our trip to Greece
Links: Jasonville, Indiana, Genealogy, and more
To all my relatives: I would love to hear from you! 
 Please write to me at: contact @mysticplanet.com (remove the space after contact)
This family album is dedicated to my husband, Gordon Edward Greenwood, and his parents,
Arthur Lee Greenwood and Annette Rose Goodman Greenwood.
It includes photos and stories about my ancestors, living relatives and friends.

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Back Home Again  in Indiana
                  Back home again in Indiana
                   and it seems that I can see
                   the gleaming candlelight,
                   still burning bright,
                   through the Sycamores for me.

                   The new mown hay
                   sends all its fragrance,
                   through the fields I used to roam.

                   When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash,
                   how I long for my Indiana home.

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