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Mystic Planet Presents The New Age Directory of Planet Earth


The New Age Directory
of Planet Earth

By Patti Normandy Greenwood & Darrell Thomas Wilson

This directory began as a first-of-a-kind paperback book in 1997, a global directory with over 7000 entries from 128 nations. We have put it online and added every nation in the world since then. Hundreds of eclectic categories span many interest areas including spiritual, metaphysical, transformational, holistic health, new age, environmental, intentional communities, vegetarian resources, peace projects and alternatives of all kinds. One thing is evident - this transformation of consciousness is happening all over the planet at once, right now, and You are an important part of it.

I hope you will come back often to search for whatever resonates with your Spirit. We have no agenda and there is nothing to join here. Love is All That Is.

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